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  • Snow day in Maryland :)

  • Yesterday, it snowed in Maryland. It was the day before my flight to Manila. I didn't think I'd still get to experience snow during the break. My brother told me the weather had been comparably warmer when I arrived, and they weren't sure if it was still going to snow like it did days before I arriv [...]
Baby Ellie at La Mesa Ecopark
  • Baby Ellie at La Mesa Ecopark

  • Because I'm missing the sun terribly today (I'm sure we all are :( ), I'm bringing in a little sunshine to this blog. Meet our cute little friend, Ellie, with her parents Peachy and Owie. This was shot at the La Mesa Ecopark. Thanks Peachy and Owie! And also to my stylist friend, Joy Cortez [...]
One Sunday with Rayray
  • One Sunday with Rayray

  • When I was still under Imagine Nation, we covered the wedding of Regi and Cey, two of the wackiest people I've ever met. Fast forward to 2012, after 2(!) years, I got to shoot them again, this time with their super cute bundle of joy - Rayray! It was raining the whole day (actually, the entire weeke [...]
Baby Dylan
  • Baby Dylan

  • Location: Eton Centris, Edsa, Q.C. A few weeks before Dylan's 1st birthday party, we had a photoshoot at the Eton Centris with his parents, my good friends Joy and Mitch. It was drizzling that Sunday afternoon but thank God the skies cleared up as we started the shoot. Thank God baby Dylan was also [...]
Sunday with Nirvana and her kids
  • Sunday with Nirvana and her kids

  •   Yes, I'm back. Heehee. Sorry for the long delay. I've been quite busy this year with work and shoots (I still don't equate shooting with working because it feels more like playtime for me) and travels so I haven't been posting. But anyway, I promise to update this blog more often. :) A [...]