Z’sams and Alfred’s (unofficial) Engagement Shoot in Hong Kong

In one week, Z’sams, a close friend and ex-officemate is getting married to Alfred, her boyfriend since law school. I didn’t get the chance to meet them during their law school days, but I truly admire this couple for keeping their relationship strong as they weathered tough times together (bar exams included. Hehe). They’ve been exerting so much effort into establishing their married life instead of getting caught up in the wedding day preps.

A year ago, we took a break from our legal life and went to Hong Kong together with our other (then) officemate, Pam. Alfred was supposed to propose to Z’sams during the trip, but he decided to do it much earlier here in Manila.  So instead of covering the (supposedly) surprise proposal in Hong Kong, I just took their unofficial prenup photos, guerilla style. They wanted to stick to our tourist itinerary, so I took their photos as we walked along the busy streets of Tsim Sha Tsui to Ngong Ping 360 to HK Disneyland. The people around us didn’t seem to mind. Hehe. It was quite a challenge though shooting in the middle of the busy crowds and among the photobombing Chinese residents, and especially when Alfred is sporting a “murse” (haha), but it was a fun experience for all of us. We even bumped into some Pinoy stars (scroll down to see!) Shooting in a different country is always a thrill.

Caveat: As these are unofficial photos, there are official prenup photos taken by my good friend/awesome wedding photographer, Benjie Tiongco shot at The Collective and at a certain law firm in Makati. 😉 I also took a few shots that day and I promise to post them soon 🙂

Congratulations Z’samay and Alfred! See you next week 😉 (One request though – please PLEASE don’t include me in the single games. Unless you’re setting me up with JLC. Hahaha)

Let’s try to ignore the creepy photobomber in the background. :))

Off to the happiest place on earth:

The Main Street Parade!

Hey Mickey!

The following photos remind me of the Masskara/Dinagyang festivals :))

Pam, me, and Z’sams (thanks for taking our pic Alfred!)


Star sighting at The One Mall!

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