Z’sams + Alfred – The Official Engagement / Prenup Shoot

This shoot is probably the most fun and relaxed prenup shoot I’ve had to date, mostly because the bride, the photographer and the stylist I recommended are my close friends. Benjie Tiongco, who was the main photographer, also covered Z’sams and Alfred’s wedding. The stylist, Joy Cortez, prepared the outfits for the shoot and was the one who designed Z’sams stunning yellow gown in the last set. Joy recommended Jada General-Cruz to do Z’sams make-up and she did a great job in all three sets.

This shoot is also interesting for me because the second location was shot at the law firm where my dad works. That was the first time anyone did a prenup shoot at their office (or at any law firm office for that matter, as far as I know :P). I love how the colors and the playful graffiti at the Collective contrasted with the muted colors of the wooden shelves and law books in the firm library.

Glad to know our couple was happy with the shots and that we all had fun at the shoot 🙂 Our only regret is that we weren’t able to have a group shot with everyone. Hehe

At The Collective, Malugay St., Makati:

Thank you to OCBOCC for allowing us to use the office library for this shoot:

Z’sams with Joy and Jada:

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