Folkman Family – Intramuros Portrait Session

It must seem odd that it’s Independence Day in the Philippines and I’m posting about an American family. But the Folkman family is not your ordinary expat fam. This family genuinely loves the Philippines and has embraced it as their home. On Amber’s blog,, she openly shares her experiences as a Philippine resident (for almost 10 years!) and all the interesting places and activities they’ve discovered in the Philippines. It has become her advocacy to encourage others to see the Philippines in a positive light, and that is what prompted her to promote the #PerksOfPinas hashtag on IG. Reading her blog has allowed me to see everyday life in Manila with a different lens. I particularly enjoyed reading about the #3PinoyBoys’ very creative Pinoy halloween costumes and watching IG videos of the boys learning Filipino. (FYI, they’re all as funny and down to earth in person as they are online. 🙂 )

As a disgruntled Filipino who can readily spew out 10 complaints about this country in one go (9 related to traffic LOL), it is inspiring to hear someone – a foreigner at that – who can highlight the positive side of living in the Philippines and spread good vibes all over.  Thank you Amber and the rest of the Folkman family for reminding us how beautiful the Philippines is. During this time of negativity and uncertainty, it’s refreshing to hear from people like you. 🙂

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