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Inocencio Family - Styled and Lifestyle Family Portrait Session
  • Tan Family - Maternity Portrait Session

  • Shine and I have been in the same bible study group for months, but there are a lot of things I didn't know about her until the day of the shoot. For one, I didn't know that before she became a full-time mom, she was a professional photographer who took photos of kids and families. She even had a co [...]
  • Taipei, Taiwan with the Tanders

  • Every year, my parents and I go on at least one out-of-town trip. I would be in charge of organizing the itinerary and booking the tickets. As with most parents (I presume), mine are hard to please - my mom gets tired easily, so we can’t walk long distances; both of them would rather go to shopping [...]
  • 2014 in Photos

  • ...and 14 short writeups :P More than a month after new year’s eve, I finally found time to post my 2014 yearend entry. It took me a while to put this together. Not that I have nothing to write about - there are actually a ton of things I want to post about 2014 that compressing them all in one e [...]
  • Sofia and Sophia

  • Every story is made up of many little stories - subplots that most would not bother writing about. I keep a lot of these stories in my head - and almost always, they’re just stuck in my head because as usual, I couldn’t find the time to write about them. But *yay* I found time to write about thi [...]
  • Random Thoughts on Christmas Eve

  • We’re having a rainy Christmas eve in Manila. I don’t want to go out of the house and join the holiday craziness. Hence, this post. :P Less than a week ago, I was waist-deep in office work, shoot-related tasks, personal errands, Christmas get-togethers and compliances (ie, kris kringle, etc., whi [...]
  • B1g Fridays - CCF Singles Ministry

  • I couldn't recall where I first saw the church ad looking for singles' ministry volunteers; but I do remember that the first general meeting fell on a Tuesday night. Tuesday is one of the few days of the week when I have nothing scheduled. I've always wanted to be involved in a church ministry, but [...]