Sofia Julia’s Mickey Mouse Birthday Party :)

Venue: Prestige Tower
Host: Jiggles the Balloon Lady

I came to know Sofia’s mom, Selene, through Tricia, my law school blockmate/ex-officemate and also Chloe‘s aunt. Selene also works at the same office I used to be employed in. I met her only once, without even realizing that she’s the same person I’ve been e-mailing with regarding Sofia’s birthday. Hehe

On the day of the party, I was thrilled to see the venue brimming with bold, colorful Mickey and Minnie Mouse decor. I love that they chose a classic theme that kids of every era can relate to (yes, even the 80’s kids 🙂 )

Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-108Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-115sofia julia by lianne bacorroSofia Julia's 1st Birthday-41Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-4Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-28Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-8

The cute candy buffet table:

Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-59Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-765Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-914Sofia7 copysofia julia by lianne bacorro-21Sofia copysofia julia by lianne bacorro-15sofia julia by lianne bacorro-14

Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-20Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-68Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-727

The cake and cupcakes are just too adorable to eat:

Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-883sofia julia by lianne bacorro-20

Sofia3sofia julia by lianne bacorro-19sofia julia by lianne bacorro-18sofia julia by lianne bacorro-17

Sofia8Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-801sofia julia by lianne bacorro-16sofia julia by lianne bacorro-11

I’ve covered several birthdays already with Jiggles the Balloon Lady and it’s always exciting to see what tricks and creations she comes up with every time. She’s always a hit with the kids and the adults as well 🙂

Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-918Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-141 Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-137 sofia julia by lianne bacorro-40sofia julia by lianne bacorro-27sofia julia by lianne bacorro-26sofia julia by lianne bacorro-25sofia julia by lianne bacorro-2

I saw a familiar face – Chloe! I covered her first birthday months ago:

Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-748
sofia julia by lianne bacorro-23 sofia julia by lianne bacorro-22sofia julia by lianne bacorro-13 sofia julia by lianne bacorro-3 Sofia 2 copy Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-1391Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-1314 Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-388Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-460 Sofia Julia's 1st Birthday-476 sofia julia by lianne bacorro-28sofia julia by lianne bacorro-6 sofia julia by lianne bacorro-5 sofia julia by lianne bacorro-4

After the party, I asked Sofia’s parents if I can take some solo shots of her onstage. I was surprised when they allowed me to carry Sofia, who willingly joined me without protest. She’s such a nice young lady 🙂 She had fun playing with Jiggles’ balloon art:

Sofia4sofia julia by lianne bacorro-35sofia julia by lianne bacorro-34 sofia julia by lianne bacorro-33sofia julia by lianne bacorro-32sofia julia by lianne bacorro-31Sofia 5 copy

sofia julia by lianne bacorro-30 sofia julia by lianne bacorro-29 sofia julia by lianne bacorro-9 sofia julia by lianne bacorro-8 sofia julia by lianne bacorro-7
sofia julia by lianne bacorro-10

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    hi, I want to inquire who did the Mickey mousebackdrop? thanks

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