Jimenez Family – Family Portrait Session at MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore

Hello again, Singapore! 😀

So I’m back in Singapore (just for a few days anyway hehe) for my yearly vacation with the parents. I try to squeeze in family portrait sessions whenever I’m here to take a breather from the all-day mall and resto trips. 😛 It’s the only way for me to see new parks and other touristy locations because my parents would prefer not to include them in their itinerary. LOL.

Sharing some photos of a family portrait session I did last year, with the Jimenez family. Thankful to Christina and Jolet for trusting me to shoot their family photos and for choosing this beautiful location. I don’t think I would’ve known this place if it weren’t for them. It’s such a nice, huge park with a lot of scenic spots – truly a photographer’s haven. Great place to run in too. There was actually an ongoing fun run when we had our portrait session. I was also glad to take the Jimenez family photos for the second time around in Singapore (third time this coming Saturday hehe), catching up with them and seeing how much the kids have grown after a year. I’ve enjoyed the last two sessions with them since they’re morning persons as well and I’m a big fan of morning light 😛

I just love how photography allows me to develop new friendships and takes me to different places, literally. 🙂

Hoping to do more family portrait sessions beyond the Philippines, and willing to explore other countries as well (wherever you are in the world, message me at photographybylianne@gmail.com aaand we’ll see…how many work leaves I have left hahaha) 😉 In the meantime, I’ll be in Singapore until Saturday. 🙂

Have a blessed and restful holy week, everyone!

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